yuuji / megumi
rated t, 17k
title from corpse song

post-writing reflection


hello! long time no see! i started first love, late spring in early december 2020 as a warm-up for another story but things got severely out of hand and she ended up a rusty little monster sidelining as a self-indulgent writing playground. but it’s alright; i wrote something for the first time in literal years and that’s definitely something to breakdance about.

the thing is: i just wanted to write a college au. i swear the original plan was either established relationship college au yuuji / megumi going on a christmas date or megumi meeting yuuji in a philosophy lecture and somehow spiralling into a fake dating situation with him all by their own questionable doing. i was attached to both, so fwb was the overlap in the venn diagram in terms of themes to play with + it made so many potential plot points make sense. i didn’t think yuuji being such a type 7 would get in the way, but by the time i decided that i needed to write his pov in, i was doomed.


my point is: first love, late spring is basically six different fics that should have been smaller standalones, plus a couple others that weren’t even about yuuji & megumi and are thus now hovering in the background of their plotlines in this one. so if you question everything that must have preceded the gojo-getou 6LDK home in bunkyo, or the separate romance threads that led to the brunch in chapter 3, or even how mahito became a popular newsletter on campus — yeah, same. i created an entire college universe for these characters and i'm so attached it hurts.


i have objective bones to pick with this story, knowing how quickly and frenziedly i wrote it; none of it, however, eclipses the fact that i'm very, very, very fond of this universe. considering the canon jjk world, this is the most au of all my aus, and i think that’s its main strength and its main weakness — but god, it’s also the most fun i've had building something as i go. on an incredibly cheesy level, it reminded me not just why i loved writing but why i love writing fic. is that because the whole thing is just me essentially listening to myself talk as i dig my teeth into what makes particular character dynamics so appealing? yes. did i need this space to toy around with after not writing for so long? absolutely, and it shows.

was i also looking for an outlet after having to suffer through the shibuya arc week after week? oh lord — yeah.

for better or for worse, this fic has all the elements of a cityboys production: introspection, slow burn, slice of life shenanigans, attempts at a character study even though it’s fully an au, gratuitous interactions we never would have seen between characters in canon, a touch of soap opera melodrama. you know how it goes. there’s a joke here somewhere, too, about how i unknowingly combined small elements from so many of my 2016 fics into this one. except a bit older. i don’t think that’s a bad thing at all.


if you end up reading the whole thing, thank you so much and i adore you with all my heart. i hope you find some joy in it and i wish you all the best in 2021 ✧

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hi, hello, let me just quickly go over some things for the folks out there that these might be helpful to:


the whole fic is spoiler-free for the series’ main plot overall, but a good chunk of the cast is here or at least referenced, whether by themselves or in relation to each other, so heads up for that if you are currently anime-only and don’t want to learn of a character in this little college au before you encounter them in canon.

i don't like to tag background pairings, but you can expect substantial nods to gojo/getou, and more microscopic hints of nobara/maki, mai/takada, and a wink to yuuta/inumaki/rika & kokichi/miwa.


there are a handful of descriptions of food in this fic. nothing too detailed, but not the most subtle it could be, either. there are also a couple of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hints of megumi using recreational drugs.


while i can assure you that there is no overindulgence of the friends with benefits trope, this dynamic is still a jumping-off point for the main narrative. it informs the nature of yuuji & megumi's relationship, it lingers in the choices they make with themselves and each other, it loops back to their in-universe characterization. with that said, all & any implied sexual intimacy is kept exactly that (i.e. no explicit language is or ever will be used), but the indicators are there. please do with this knowledge what you will according to your own comfort levels.


the fic deals with some mental health-adjacent themes. if you choose to read but want to do so with caution, here is a note on the haibara scene in chapter three & here is a guide for a chapter four scene that implies a panic attack.

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notes you don’t need to read


the part in chapter three between haibara & yuuji — it's in the second scene of the chapter overall, and the conversation itself begins with, "Itadori Yuuji-kun?" — started as a nod to this fleabag scene, but then intimate tidbits from my own appointments started finding their way in and made it into a whole thing. with that said, please be mindful of the fact that their conversation is a fictionalized portrayal of this kind of situation. one to which i have a personal connection and foundation, sure, and one that i can assure you has been thoroughly researched, but a fictionalized one nonetheless. it does not speak for — and does not hope to represent — the universal experience of being in this scenario.


warning: the second scene of chapter 4 begins with descriptions suggestive of a panic attack.

the scene as a whole is not exactly skippable, and the episode itself is only implied in nature, but you can pass over the worst of it by stopping at the call comes in before Megumi even makes it past the first page of his book and beginning again with Megumi spends the ride over afraid that Itadori will change his mind at some point. the effects of the episode do last for the remainder of that scene, however, and continues to be a point in the remainder of their relationship. please keep this in mind in case this might be triggering in any way.


• please do not repost to other sites or add to goodreads.

• beyond this, please feel free to translate, remix or make podfic (if you’d like), though i do ask that you let me know somehow & link back to the original.

• as for art/poetry/playlists and the like, it makes me incredibly touched to see folks making them for my fics, but there is no pressure at all to link me if you’re not comfortable doing so. take this as my happy blanket permission to create what you will. thank you so much for thinking of me and my little stories in your own work.